Market Intelligence

To gather and disseminate market intelligence to improve the availability and use of market intelligence by the industry, in order to identify market opportunities, target profitable areas and encourage innovation. The outcome is to provide up-to-date market information and long-term trend data in key identified markets.

Market Access and Market Development

To support the fine food industry with market access and development in order to encourage the take-up of support for trade development. WCFFI will build relationships with buyers and exporters to support market development, and to achieve market penetration and the retention of market share.

Skills Support

Increase collaboration among industry training providers, tertiary institutions, SETAs and government agencies to implement strategies to address genuine skill shortages in the sector. WCFFI will establish appropriate training programmes to support skills and knowledge within the fine food sector.

Food Standards and Accreditation

Promote and assist industry, sub-sectors and enterprises to ensure that food produced, distributed or marketed in South Africa meets the highest standards of food safety and complies with legal requirements or, where appropriate, with recognised codes of good practice. Through this programme the WCFFI assists food companies to be fully compliant with required national and international retail and country specific food safety standards, traceability requirements and food security needs.

Knowledge Management

To provide advice and support on innovation, new product development and adding value to existing products and services. WCFFI encourages the sharing of ideas and collaboration to drive innovation across the value chain.